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MDP Virtual Experience!


Millennium Dance Productions has partnered with McKeil video as their Technical specialists to produce a Virtual Millennium Dance Festival. 


The MDP Virtual experience will allow families to watch the high definition live stream from the safety and comfort of their homes while being engaged in the excitement of competition and excellence in performance of our dancers.


This event is scheduled to take place in Mid October and will run from 4pm-10pm on weekdays and 8am-10pm on the weekend to allow all dancers to be able to watch the competition.


Dance Zone is very excited to bring this amazing opportunity that has just been presented to our studio! We feel this experience will be a wonderful chance for our dancers to perform in costume with hair and make up and leave it on the dance floor for this virtual competition experience. 

Please see below more information on this virtual event and confirm if you would like your dancer to participate.


The MDP Virtual Experience Includes:

• Real time Judging

• Scheduled Live Adjudications per section

• Program with schedule of dances/adjudications provided to everyone

• Medals, Top Marks, Special Awards etc will be awarded at scheduled adjudications (All awards will be shipped directly to studios following the event)

• Video adjudications with judges voice comments provided for all routines to studio directors.

• Get Competition ready!! Costumes, Hair, Make up!


We have listed below the 2019-2020 groups/routines that can participate based on the current restrictions (10 dancers and under without social distancing). If restrictions change and we are able to do larger groups we will keep families informed and add those routines. In addition to these routines any 2019-2020 solo, duos, trios and extra small groups can enter this event.

Please note: By choosing to do these routines it will allow our dancers to use up one routine credit per entry that is being held for next springs events. 

If the majority of the dance families choose to participate the entire group will be filmed and entered for the routine and the credit will be applied.


Once we receive your responses we will notify each group what will be competing in the Millennium Dance Festival Virtual competition. 

All routines will be recorded at the studio and a schedule will be put together for each group to do the routines they have chosen to participate in. We will make sure there is plenty of rehearsal time to prepare the dancers for the routines for filming.

Dance Zone will be providing each dance family with a dropbox of their dancers recorded videos following the event for a keepsake.


We realize there is nothing like a live performance, However, given the circumstance at this time, this is an excellent option to allow our dancers to compete routines that no one has seen yet as well as get to see other dancers routines in this virtual competition experience.


Please fill out the attached form and return to us no later than Wednesday, August 26th. 


Classes/Routines that can participate:

Electric Youth - Contemp, Modern

Control - Jazz, Tap, Contemp

Velocity - Jazz, Tap, Contemp

Syncro - Tap, Contemp, Modern

Disney - We Live for It, Judas, Bad Romance

Minnie PTP - Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop

7-12 Ballet

7-12 Jazz

7-12 Contemporary/Modern

7-12 Tap

Teen Hip Hop

Teen Jazz

4-6 Jazz/Tap - Miss Raven (Wednesday) 

4-6 Jazz/Tap - Miss Jennifer (Saturday)

5-7 Jazz/Tap - Miss Jennifer (Saturday)

Int Jazz/Tap - Miss Jennifer (Wednesday)


Currently at this time with current restrictions these classes/routines cannot participate (We are hoping this will change):

Electric Youth - Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop

Syncro -  Jazz & Hip Hop

Control/Velocity - Modern & Hip Hop

Shine PTP - Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop

7-12 Hip Hop

Troupe Production

Miss Becca’s Lyrical - Swap our places

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