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Our goal is to provide a program that will build a healthy body, mind and teach our students style, technique, and showmanship.  We believe it is not just the end result that determines success, but rather the lessons learned, the steps taken, and the achievement reached throughout the journey that truly matters. Our skilled and caring instructors look forward to teaching your child the art of dance!



Dance Zone Performing Arts Centre (DZPAC) is an independently owned and operated school for dancers with the passion to excel in a caring and nurturing environment. With over 30 years of professional dance experience, DZPAC takes pride in offering high quality dance education, award-winning choreography and many opportunities to showcase their talents in the community and around the world!

DZPAC's high energy classes offer students top level training from dance professionals. Students learn best through positive reinforcement and we work to build outstanding dancers in mind, body and spirit. Excellent technique classes, performance and competition opportunities allow students to develop into strong, confident dancers.

DZPAC's students have won countless overall awards, scholarships and international grand-champion titles. Graduated students have gone on to work with such companies as Princess and Disney cruise lines and have been involved in prestigious programs including the Randolf Academy for the performing arts, Ryerson University, Point Park University and NYU to mention a few. DZPAC's genuine love for children and dance, along with patience, dedication and high technical standards have shaped us into one of the leading dance schools in the maritimes.

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