• All shoes should be brought to each class. Please make sure your name is on the inside of each shoe.

  • Arrive dressed in dancewear prepared for class. (Form fitting tanks, bodysuits, “Dancewear” shorts, capris or pants)

  • Hair should be pulled back off face and neck. (Buns are mandatory for Ballet class.)

  • No baggy street clothes except for Hip Hop classes.

  • No jewelry.

  • Water bottles are encouraged. Please put dancer’s name on them.

  • No food inside the studios. We encourage students to bring a healthy snack/supper that can be eaten in the foyer area outside studios.

  • Please use the washroom before class starts to avoid disruption.



  • Students must attend their classes regularly and should arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the class start time. They must be ready to enter class in proper dance attire with hair pulled back, ready to start class at the scheduled time.

  • Students must be picked up promptly at the end of class by parents or designated adult.

  • Dancers must attend their classes regularly. Missed classes may result in being removed from routines (of the instructor’s choice) from the upcoming shows/festivals/competitions.

  • Dance Zone instructors reserve the right to move dancers from one program/class to another program/class based on registration numbers, evaluation and assessment of individual dancer’s skills and abilities.

  • Dances should address all instructors as MISS.



  • Our instructors request that parents call the studio 883-4338 during business hours with any questions/concerns.

  • Instructors may also be contacted via and your email will be forwarded to the specific instructor. Please indicate instructor name in email.



  • When the decision is made to cancel classes due to bad weather, Dance Zone will only be responsible to make up these classes once they exceed 2 cancellations per day (IE: 2 Mondays, 2 Fridays etc.).

  • All cancellations will be emailed out and posted on the website/Facebook page. Updates will be posted by 1:00pm on weekdays, and by 7:30am on weekends.

  • Dance Zone reserves the right to reschedule classes, combine and/or change class times due to circumstances involving dance related events, instructor’s illness or classes cancelled due to bad weather, etc.

  • If classes are cancelled due to teacher illness the instructor will make up those classes. If the student misses class due to sickness, vacations or any other reason the student is responsible to catch up on missed choreography during their absence.



  • It is the responsibility of dancers & parents to read all notices, newsletters, etc. for important information pertaining to dance.

  • Please regularly check the bulletin board at the studio for important information regarding class changes, make up classes and cancellation of class or production practices.


  • Solo/duo/trio scholarships are accepted by Dance Zone and credited accordingly to the dancers involved.

  • Group routine scholarships are credited to the studio and are not allocated to the dancers involved. Scholarships for groups are used towards contributing to local charities, studio improvements and continued education etc. at the discretion of our Dance Zone faculty.


  • There is a No Refund policy for any reason once payment has been submitted. It is mandatory for a parent/guardian to sign the no refund policy waiver on the back of their child (s) or their own registration form stating that they are aware of this policy.

  • Any fees submitted after the deadline given will have a 10% late fee added automatically and a service charge will be added weekly on all overdue accounts.

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