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All Dance Zone PTP Programs dance 2 hours per week for a 32-week session.

Our Pre-Troupe Plus programs include Jazz, Tap & Hip-Hop dance styles. These classes will give students the preparatory skills needed to advance into a Junior Troupe or Troupe program in the future.



  • All PTP programs participate in 2 recitals and 2 local dance competitions, with the option of 1 away dance competition.

  • Pre-Troupe Plus members are required to purchase a team jacket/hoodie to wear at all competitions & events. This will be available for order in July/August.


  • Performance tights are not included in your costume fee, therefore each Pre-Troupe Plus member will be responsible for ensuring they have a pair of performance tights as per our Dance Zone recommendation.


  • Outside Competitions - Pre-Troupe Plus involvement in outside competitions in addition to what is designated for Dance Zone will be decided at the discretion of Dance Zone directors.

Please note: Participation in High school dance teams is permitted, however, Dance Zone dancers are not permitted to compete at competitions with the dance team.

  • Extra Routines - PTP dancers have the option of registering for a solo, duo, trio or small group with other dancers of their choice. The Pre-Troupe Plus limit for extra routines is 2.

  • Pre-Troupe Plus members are expected to attend classes regularly and be committed to making classes a priority over social events. Attendance is an important aspect of being a team player and encourages your team to excel.


Christmas Recital - 1 Competitive Routine & 1 Recital Routine​​

Millennium Dance Festival Dartmouth - 3 Competitive Routines (Jazz, Tap & Hip Hop)

Danceabition Dartmouth - 3 Competitive Routines (Jazz, Tap & Hip Hop)

Year-End Recital - 1 Competitive Routine

OPTIONAL COMPETITION: Danceabition Cape Breton *More information will be sent in the fall


TAP: Matte Black Buckle Strap 

JAZZ: Beige Leather Shoe 

HIP HOP: Clean Indoor Sneaker (Performance sneakers are included in your costume/event fees)

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