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During our dance year, we host 2 recitals and attend multiple competitions!

Please see below for brief descriptions of what each event entails, as well as which classes attend which events.

More information on these events are sent out during the dance year.


All Dance Zone Programs


This is the first performance of the season. This fun and festive event is a family favorite!


 All Dance Zone Programs


The recital is an exciting and fun filled event that showcases the years' work of all our dancers in our various programs.


MANDATORY for Troupe, Junior Troupe & Pre-Troupe Plus

Wednesday, April 10th - Sunday, April 14th 2024 @ Zatzman Sportsplex

This exhilarating and motivating dance competition gives dancers the opportunity to share the arts with many schools across the Maritimes and their Dancers. This event allows the students to perform their work to a large audience as well as having guest adjudicators critique and judge their routines.


MANDATORY for Troupe & Junior Troupe, Optional for Pre-Troupe Plus

Thursday, April 18th - Sunday, April 21st 2024 @ Emera Centre Northside

DanceAbition is an exciting and fun "AWAY" competition that allows dancers to perform on stage for an audience and receive positive feedback from guest adjudicators.


MANDATORY for All Competitive programs

(All ages Jazz/Tap, Sparkle Pre-Troupe, 8-12 Pre-Troupe & Contemporary/Modern, Teen Hip Hop & Contemp/Modern, Troupe, Junior Troupe & Pre-Troupe Plus)

Thursday, May 2th - Sunday, May 5th 2024 @ Zatzman Sportsplex

DanceAbition is a dance festival attended by all Competitive Dance Zone Programs. This is an exciting and fun festival that allows dancers to perform on stage for an audience and receive positive feedback from guest adjudicators.


As competitive dancers we must remember that there are no losers at any competition, class or event. Competition requires special teachers, special students and special parents. It requires time, talent, dedication and regard for each other as team members. Our combined positive attitude guarantees success.


Winning is everything, when you define “winning” as doing your personal best. Students should compete against themselves and not be critical of others. This means concentrating on improving their own capabilities and growing as a dancer.


As we practice, travel to competitions, meet new friends and grow together, let us remember to show respect for ourselves and for others by always being supportive of our fellow dancers, parents and teachers. Team members that support one another stand out as leaders.


We all strive to bring out the best in all our students. In turn we build their self-image and develop perseverance skills. Having the feeling of achievement gives children the confidence to attack other challenges in the future. This feeling of accomplishment alone is worth much more than any trophy or medal! We need to measure our achievements according to ourselves and not others. Dance Zone Performing Arts Centre is dedicated to making our programs a positive experience for all. We are very proud of all our students and appreciate all of our wonderful families.




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