Troupe Program

(By Recommendation Only)



power house * VELOCITY * SYNCRO

All Dance Zone Troupes dance 5.5hrs per week, for a 32 week session.

Our Basic Troupe program includes 2 hours of Jazz, 1 hour of Tap, 1 hour of Ballet and 1.5 hours of Elevate, a class that focuses on technique, stretching, turning, etc.



  • ​ Troupe Ballet and Troupe Elevate are non-competitive classes, therefore do not require costume/event/entry fees. 


  • Performance tights & Earrings are not included in your costume fee, therefore each troupe member will be responsible for ensuring that they have at least two pairs of performance tights & earrings as per our Dance Zone recommendation.

  • Troupe members are required to purchase a team jacket/hoody to wear all all competitions/events.


  • Troupe members are expected to attend classes regularly and be committed to making Troupe a priority over social events. Attendance is an important aspect of being a team player and encourages your troupe to excel.


  • ADAPT - All Troupe members train within the ADAPT syllabus during regular classes.

  • Required Competitions - The Beast (1 routine), Danceabition Cape Breton (all routines), Millennium Dartmouth (all routines), Danceabition Dartmouth (all routines)

  • The Beast Competition - All Troupe members will be participating in The Beast. All Troupes will be registering for 1 routine for the beast competition. The entry fee is $40.00 + hst. Due dates and more details for these events will be sent out in the fall.


  • Troupe Production - We have included production as part of our troupe experience. Fees for this are included in your costume/event fees and regular class fees. There will not be a separate fee for this. The schedule for production practices will be posted in the fall.

  • Troupe Awards Banquet – is held at the end of the season to recognize our Troupe graduates and present our Troupe students with scholarships as well as most improved and attendance awards for each troupe.

  • Outside Competitions - Pre-Troupe Plus and Troupe students involvement in outside competitions in addition to what is designated for Dance Zone will be decided at the discretion of Dance Zone directors. 

Please note: Participation in High school dance teams is permitted, however, Dance Zone dancers are not permitted to compete at competitions with the dance team.




Slip On or Tie up Tap Shoes 


Beige Leather Shoe (power house) 


Clean Indoor Sneaker for Class

(Performance sneakers will be included in your costume/event fees)


Syncro: Canvas Ballet Shoes

power house & Velocity: Leather Ballet Shoes

dress code

TAp, jazz & elevate: 

fitted dancewear

(leggings, sports bra, bike shorts, etc)


anything dancers can move in

(sweatpants, t shirt, shorts, etc)



bodysuit, tights & hair in bun