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Millennium Dance Festival Solo Challenge

November 13th-15th 2020

Location: Alderney Landing Theatre, Dartmouth


Get ready! This amazing opportunity is for our soloists to perform live and onstage at Alderney Landing Theatre!


Millennium Dance Productions is pleased to present this event to any dancers who are currently holding credits fo their spring events as well as any new solos who would like to take part.


Please review the general information rules etc. as things have been added to ensure safety for those involved while adhering to the current government regulations.


Deadline to submit registration is Thursday, September 10th

Please fill out the attached form and return to the studio at your earliest convenience. We recommend submitting your registration as soon as you can as entries will be accepted by MDP on a first come first served basis.



• Competition will run in sessions approximately 2-3 hours with an adjudication.

• Dancers will have designated dressing rooms and only those dancers are allowed in their dressing rooms. Each room has a limit, based on social distancing.

• One (1) Teacher OR chaperone per studio will be allowed in the dressing room/backstage area per session that their dancers are in. This will be strictly adhered to and we ask for everyone’s cooperation as we have limited capacity within the current restrictions for the dressing room area.

• All dancers in any given session, must remain in their dressing room until adjudication; following adjudication they are asked to promptly exit the dressing room area for sanitizing. 

• Limited audience will be allowed into venue for each session and tickets will be sold by session. 

• Participating dancers will be given first opportunity to purchase a maximum of 2 seats per session they are dancing in for parents/family. Once this priority deadline has passed any remaining seats will be open for purchase at a first come first served basis. Details on admission/ticket orders will be sent out soon.

• Following each session, patrons must exit the theatre promptly to allow us to sanitize. When in the theatre lobby, patrons are required to use social distancing. A mask must be worn while in the building as per public health guidelines.

• Dancers must also wear a mask, unless performing. If a dancer feels more comfortable wearing a mask during their performance, there will be no mark deductions from the judges.

• Our judges will be adjudicating virtually via livestream in real time due to the current government regulations.

• McKeil video will be providing livestream services free to everyone, a link will be provided closer to the event. There will also be video and pictures available for purchase of each routine during the event.



All solos entered will use one (1) credit from the spring events. You can choose which spring event you wish to remove this solo from. Ie: If you ask us to remove from Danceabition Cape Breton this solo will not participate in that event.

If you wish to enter a 2020-2021 solo(s) that has recently been choreographed, you can do so, but will require a payment of $80.00 + hst per solo. You have already paid for entry fees of MDF Dartmouth and Danceabition Dartmouth for your new solo.


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Reg Form

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